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1 Secret To Perfect Steep Turns

by Jason Schappert

We’ve often heard it said steep turns are all about sight picture (where I put my eyes). That statement is so true… Well for my VFR guys that is :)

In todays quick video I’m going to show you my best secret for “hands free” steep turns.



Forward Slip To Landing

Tweet It’s a maneuver unfortunately most CFI’s don’t show (If you’re a CFI and reading this you don’t fall under that generalization because you’re pretty darn good if you’ve taken the time to watch this video) Yet it’s a maneuver you’ll find even on the private pilot PTS which means it’s fair game in the […]

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The Secret To VFR Radio Communications Webinar

Tweet Last night our VFR Radio Communications webinar was AWESOME!!! If for some reason you missed it or came on late you can still check it out below. Be sure to set some time aside today to watch it in it’s entirety.

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Power On Turning Stalls

Tweet The first time I EVER did turning stalls it was on my private pilot checkride! Like most students I was never taught how to do a stall with a little bit of turn in it. Thankfully the DPE was understanding and really talked me through it and the maneuver was uneventful. But I was […]

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Uncontrolled Airport Radio Communications (VFR Arrival)

Tweet The second video in our series on Uncontrolled Airport Radio Communications and Operations. In this video I’ll take you on a flight into the Marion County Dunnellon Airport which actually doesn’t have an ATIS/AWOS/ASOS so you can see how we choose runways and overfly the field to make that happen. – Enjoy Jason

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Uncontrolled Airport Radio Communications (VFR Departure)

Tweet For new pilots its usually one or the other. What do I mean? You’re either really comfortable with operating out of a controlled field and feel like an uncontrolled (pilot controlled) field is like the wild west. Or you feel at home in the uncontrolled environment and get nervous at the prospect of talking […]

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Class Bravo Airspace Departure

Tweet Continuing with our VFR Radio Communications theme today I’m sharing really something not too many general aviation pilots get to do: Depart a Class Bravo Airport. As if one controller in a small airport is intimidating enough. Imagine having to talk to clearance delivery, ground, tower, and departure in some of the nations busiest […]

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