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Forward Slip to Landing

Our goal everyday is to deliver valuable content that creates safer pilots I hope this video is a reflection of that for you. Do you know the difference between a forward slip and a side slip? The terms get used interchangeably yet each respective maneuver has a different goal and outcome. In this video I’m flying with my lovely wife Ashley into our friends private airport demonstrating both a Forward Slip to Landing followed by a Side Slip. Enjoy it –... read more

Slow Flight Made Easy

“We practice slow flight to better at landings” a wise flight instructor once shared with me. It’s a phrase thats really stuck with me and I now share it with my students including yourself. You see no one ever explained to me why we do slow flight. All I knew was I hated getting the airplane this close to a stall and now you want me to turn? Yet when someone said if you get good at slow flight your landings will greatly improve it all clicked for me. Everything we do at MzeroA is focused on creating safer smarter pilots and that oftentimes includes a little out of the box thinking for an otherwise basic maneuver. I hope this video is a blessing to you as you all are to us! –... read more

Holding Pattern Entries Made Easy

At we’re committed to providing you a better understanding, guidance, and education as you accomplish your flight training dreams. I hope each video is a reflection of that principle and that this video is no exception. Enjoy! –... read more
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One place I spent a lot of time was with Jason Schappert and MzeroA. Primarily because the videography that brings you into the cockpit and shows you what you’re doing in terms of controlling the airplane, is all part of the preparation and studying that’s incredibly valuable before you even get into the cockpit of the airplane. Jim Minow

Executive Director AOPA Foundation

I have enjoyed your online ground school. It was just what I was looking for. This course has allowed me to learn new things, keep up the knowledge part of flying and to interact with you and other pilots through the weekly workshops, monthly check rides and webinars.

I have also enjoyed and benefited from the frequent e-mails you have sent. It has also made me realize confidence in my knowledge skills and allowed me to move on to the IFR ground work I have been eager to get to. Dean Hoopengardner

Private Pilot

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