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Has keying up the mic when talking to ATC ever left you: Tongue tied, embarrassed, or caused you to draw a blank? Back in the day keying the mic when talking to a controller was like an instant drop in the IQ as my hands began to shake because I was so nervous… Have you ever been there before?

This week I’m shining the spotlight on making great ATC Radio Communications as well as releasing my newest product “Understand ATC” Real world ATC training in plain english. Enjoy – Jason

Let Me Explain ATC Radio Communications In Plain English Click Here


How To Recover From A Bounced Landing

TweetI’m positive we’ve all done it. Maybe we carried too much airspeed or our approach was flat. We’ve all bounced a landing before and if you haven’t it’s going to happen. It’s how we recover from that bounced landing that makes all the difference in the world. In today’s quick video I’ll share with you […]

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One Thing I Do Before EVERY Flight Maneuver

Tweet8,000 almost 9,000 hours later I find myself still doing the same things I did back on hour number 1. It’s a habit and procedure that I share with my students and I’m sure ALL of my Online Ground School students do as well. Check it out and let me know if you’re doing this […]

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Making Right Traffic

TweetMaybe your story is similar to mine: My entire private pilot training was all standard left traffic patterns. Never anything out of the norm. Then one day as a 60 some odd hour private pilot while flying into a class Charlie airport I was told to “Enter a Right Downwind” It sounds so simple yet […]

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The Toughest FAA Written Test Questions

TweetIts no big secret that I have a “beef” with the FAA Written test. Our technology is advancing, the training methods are becoming more realistic and scenario based, yet the FAA Written still appears dated and using very rote memorization techniques to prep for it. Last month I took my ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) written […]

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If I Could Do My Flight Training Over

TweetRecording from the webinar I hosted titled “If I Could Do My Flight Training Over” *Webinar video starts off blurry for whatever reason then clears up. Audio is the most important part anyways though and it’s fine.* Links Mentioned In Webinar

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Slow Flight Clean & Dirty Configuration

TweetWhy do we practice slow flight? (Those of you who’ve read “The Secret To Perfect Landings” Already know that answer. I’m going to show you guys how to make slow flight one of your strongest maneuvers. Today I’ll share with you slow flight in the clean configuration (flaps up, gear up) and how to maintain […]

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