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Power Off 180 Landing

by Jason Schappert

It’s more than likely the most difficult commercial pilot maneuver you’ll be asked to demonstrate during your commercial pilot checkride: The power off 180.

Pick your point, bring the power back to idle, and you’re expected to land 0 feet in front of your point and no more than 200ft beyond it. It’s called “The Accuracy Approach” for a reason.

In todays video I’ll share with you my biggest tip for nailing your power off 180 landings. Enjoy – Jason



4 Steps To Better ATC Radio Communications

TweetYou’ve heard me say it before… Sometimes keying that mic causes an instant drop in the IQ department. I can practice all I want with students and usually early on in radio communications what comes out is nothing like what we’ve practiced! Ever been there? So this week I sat down and wrote out 4 […]

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3 Things Your CFI Isn’t Telling You About Landings

TweetIn todays quick video I have some REALLY cool stuff to share. First I want to share with you “3 Things Your CFI Isn’t Telling You About Landings” and if he or she HAS told you these things… Hang on to them because you have a GREAT CFI on your hands. Secondly We’re brining back […]

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Class Delta ATC Radio Communications (Arrival)

TweetWe’re finishing up the 2nd part of our Radio Communications bootcamp with an arrival into a Class Delta airport. That video is below: Enjoy – Jason Still need help with your radio communications? Visit for help!

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Class Delta Departure ATC Radio Communications

TweetHas keying up the mic when talking to ATC ever left you: Tongue tied, embarrassed, or caused you to draw a blank? Back in the day keying the mic when talking to a controller was like an instant drop in the IQ as my hands began to shake because I was so nervous… Have you […]

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How To Recover From A Bounced Landing

TweetI’m positive we’ve all done it. Maybe we carried too much airspeed or our approach was flat. We’ve all bounced a landing before and if you haven’t it’s going to happen. It’s how we recover from that bounced landing that makes all the difference in the world. In today’s quick video I’ll share with you […]

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One Thing I Do Before EVERY Flight Maneuver

Tweet8,000 almost 9,000 hours later I find myself still doing the same things I did back on hour number 1. It’s a habit and procedure that I share with my students and I’m sure ALL of my Online Ground School students do as well. Check it out and let me know if you’re doing this […]

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