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Recording from the webinar I hosted titled “If I Could Do My Flight Training Over”

*Webinar video starts off blurry for whatever reason then clears up. Audio is the most important part anyways though and it’s fine.*

Links Mentioned In Webinar


Slow Flight Clean & Dirty Configuration

TweetWhy do we practice slow flight? (Those of you who’ve read “The Secret To Perfect Landings” Already know that answer. I’m going to show you guys how to make slow flight one of your strongest maneuvers. Today I’ll share with you slow flight in the clean configuration (flaps up, gear up) and how to maintain […]

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The Impossible Turn

TweetIt’s called “The Impossible Turn” for a reason. What am I talking about? If I’m on takeoff and the engine quits. Do I attempt a turn back to the runway (The Impossible Turn) or do I land straight ahead. The answer is “It Depends.” The Impossible Turn can easily be made possible under the right […]

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What To Expect On Your Biennial Flight Review (BFR)

TweetHas it been 24 calendar months already? I find I’m often asked by pilots “What should I expect on my BFR?” Is it pass/fail? Is it as intense as a checkride? Can they take my certificate? I’ll answer all of those questions in todays video. In that video I’m doing things a bit different. I’m […]

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Short Field Landing Secrets

TweetThere are a few maneuvers that really make pilots nervous I believe short field landings on a checkride and REAL short field landings (when it counts) both fall into that category. It’s all about hitting that point. In todays video I’ll share with you my best tips/secrets for nailing short field landings every time. Let […]

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1 Secret To Perfect Steep Turns

TweetWe’ve often heard it said steep turns are all about sight picture (where I put my eyes). That statement is so true… Well for my VFR guys that is In todays quick video I’m going to show you my best secret for “hands free” steep turns. Enjoy

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Forward Slip To Landing

TweetIt’s a maneuver unfortunately most CFI’s don’t show (If you’re a CFI and reading this you don’t fall under that generalization because you’re pretty darn good if you’ve taken the time to watch this video) Yet it’s a maneuver you’ll find even on the private pilot PTS which means it’s fair game in the checkride […]

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