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e6b Flight Computer

When is the last time you actually dusted off the ole’ manual e6b? In this technology driven world I bet it’s been awhile. I truly believe it’s important to have a strong manual e6b skill set to fall back on during your training and beyond. Interested in checking out our Online Ground School? Visit... read more

What Makes a Great Flight School?

What do you believe makes a great flight school? Is it the management? Instructors? The airplanes? I sat down with my friend Jeffery Wolf of Paragon Flight Training who was named AOPA’s Top Flight School in 2014 and asked him this very... read more

Proper Spin Recovery

Did you know you’re not actually required to ever demonstrate a spin until you wish to become a CFI? We are quizzed all about them during our private pilot training. In fact one of our checkride examiners favorite questions is “What is your spin recovery procedure?” To which you reply: Power Back Ailerons Neutral Rudder Opposite The Spin Elevator Down (The “PARE” Acronym I mention) Which we’ll demonstrate in this video. For those of you that have done or will do spins one day you’ll realize 2 things very quickly. 1. “Most” general aviation aircraft are easy to spin but difficult to keep in a spin. You have to really do everything wrong to keep spinning. 2. Once you do break the stall/spin you gain airspeed VERY quickly and it’s important to not over-stress the aircraft (This is where actually most spins lead to accidents) Go back and watch the video from about the 4 minute mark and keep an eye on the airspeed. You’ll see we’re stalled during the actual spin so although we’re looking straight down our airspeed is still very slow. However once we break that stall watch how quickly we gain airspeed. Pay close attention to this and don’t test the structural integrity of your... read more
Flight Training Radio
Coffee Break Flight Instruction
Good Pilot Magazine
One place I spent a lot of time was with Jason Schappert and MzeroA. Primarily because the videography that brings you into the cockpit and shows you what you’re doing in terms of controlling the airplane, is all part of the preparation and studying that’s incredibly valuable before you even get into the cockpit of the airplane. Jim Minow

Executive Director AOPA Foundation

I have enjoyed your online ground school. It was just what I was looking for. This course has allowed me to learn new things, keep up the knowledge part of flying and to interact with you and other pilots through the weekly workshops, monthly check rides and webinars.

I have also enjoyed and benefited from the frequent e-mails you have sent. It has also made me realize confidence in my knowledge skills and allowed me to move on to the IFR ground work I have been eager to get to. Dean Hoopengardner

Private Pilot

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