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good-bye-ptsWe called and alerted you to the FAA Written Test changes about a year ago and were correct, as those changes continue to roll out. Now we’re making another call. The FAA will be getting rid of the PTS (Practical Test Standards) and moving towards a new(ish) certification standard.

See what they are working on and what it means to you in the quick video below. Enjoy. – Jason

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FAA Medical Webinar

TweetRecording of World Famous Uncle Larry’s Aviation Medical Webinar Grab a copy of Larry’s Book “The Pilots Primer For Medications” by CLICKING HERE

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8 Ways To Maintain Your Proficiency As A Pilot

TweetBelow is the recording of our recent webinar with executive director of the AOPA Foundation Jim Minow titled “8 Ways To Maintain Your Proficiency As A Pilot” – Enjoy, Jason

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WEBINAR: 8 Ways To Maintain Your Proficiency As A Pilot

Tweet What: Webinar Titled “8 Ways To Maintain Your Proficiency As A Pilot” Who: Jason Schappert & AOPA Foundation President Jim Minow When: Thursday December 11th @ 8PM Eastern How Do I Get On? Reserve Your Seat Using The Form Below: (Space Limited to 1,000 people) Even If You Just Want The Recording Enter Your […]

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How I Fly With An iPad

TweetWith the release of our first trailer for the film “Flying Again” I’ve been asked all this week and last about how I add technology like an iPad into the cockpit. I put together a quick video showcasing how I use the iPad to flight plan and fly.

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Power Off 180 Landing

TweetIt’s more than likely the most difficult commercial pilot maneuver you’ll be asked to demonstrate during your commercial pilot checkride: The power off 180. Pick your point, bring the power back to idle, and you’re expected to land 0 feet in front of your point and no more than 200ft beyond it. It’s called “The […]

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4 Steps To Better ATC Radio Communications

TweetYou’ve heard me say it before… Sometimes keying that mic causes an instant drop in the IQ department. I can practice all I want with students and usually early on in radio communications what comes out is nothing like what we’ve practiced! Ever been there? So this week I sat down and wrote out 4 […]

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