Here’s something new I’m doing per your request. What are the 2 biggest obstacles to overcome in your flight training? …Time & Money well I’d like to help solve both of those with a new on going video and audio based series called “Coffee Break Flight Instruction” – Flight Training Tips in 15 Minutes or less. (really most are 5 mins or less)

They are quick and very concise videos on a specific topic. You can pick and choose each video and enjoy them over your quick coffee break or lunch break while at work. There’s no charge for these quick videos because I truly believe by helping you guys out we’ll be blessed a hundredfold in return down the road 🙂

Enjoy this ongoing series and be sure to give Larry Diamond a big warm welcome in his HUGE video series debut. For those of you who came to Oshkosh you already know the now famous Larry 🙂

Enjoy this guys – Jason

Coffee Break Flight Instruction

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