Private Pilot

The Ultimate VFR Flight Following Video

We’ve spent time talking about VFR flight following before but never like this. A few weeks ago I was invited to the space center which involved a commute everyday across the state with cameras rolling. Each time we picked up flight following something different happened. Sometimes it was the standard response, the next time no response… or shall we call it more of a delayed response. That’s the thing about flight following we can make the same radio calls, on the same frequencies, on different days and get different responses. This clip really shows the diversity of VFR flight following responses. Enjoy –... read more

High Altitude Training

If you’ve ever met me in person you know I’m always happy and joking yet did you know euphoria is my first hypoxia symptom? As the MzeroA team put it after seeing me in the hypobaric chamber “It was like Jason at a level 10” hahah I think that’s a compliment? We had the pleasure of being able to revisit SAMI The Southern AeroMedical Institute and test out their new glass panel trainer in the chamber. This video is a bit longer than our normal clips but I promise it will be worth it. Want to visit SAMI and learn your own Hypoxia symptoms? CLICK HERE to check out their... read more

Forward Slip to Landing

Our goal everyday is to deliver valuable content that creates safer pilots I hope this video is a reflection of that for you. Do you know the difference between a forward slip and a side slip? The terms get used interchangeably yet each respective maneuver has a different goal and outcome. In this video I’m flying with my lovely wife Ashley into our friends private airport demonstrating both a Forward Slip to Landing followed by a Side Slip. Enjoy it –... read more

Slow Flight Made Easy

“We practice slow flight to better at landings” a wise flight instructor once shared with me. It’s a phrase thats really stuck with me and I now share it with my students including yourself. You see no one ever explained to me why we do slow flight. All I knew was I hated getting the airplane this close to a stall and now you want me to turn? Yet when someone said if you get good at slow flight your landings will greatly improve it all clicked for me. Everything we do at MzeroA is focused on creating safer smarter pilots and that oftentimes includes a little out of the box thinking for an otherwise basic maneuver. I hope this video is a blessing to you as you all are to us! –... read more

How to Recover From a Bounced Landing

I’ve long said “a perfect landing starts with a perfect traffic pattern” but what happens when you try to “force” a landing in? Usually it leads to a bounce. Sometimes this bounce can be more of a skip or a hop and sometimes it can send you 25 feet back into the air. In this video I show you how I teach students to recover from a bounced landing. Why Do I Bounce On Landing? – 3 Point Landing – Too Fast – Improper Wind Correction (Crosswind or Headwind Gust) What are some other reasons one might bounce on... read more

Steep Turns According To The Private Pilot ACS

Despite the few critics I’m a big fan of the new ACS (Airmen Certification Standards) It doesn’t hurt that they finally included something that I’ve been teaching for years (Trim in a turn). It’s really one of my best tips. Have you ever used trim in a turn? What about a steep turn? You know trim is simply a “poor-mans autopilot” and yet it’s something so few pilots really use to it’s fullest potential. Enjoy the video – Jason Our Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot Online Ground School is Already up to and Exceeds Airmen Certification Standards. Check it out yourself at the Link Below and Pass Your Checkride or I’ll Pay for... read more

Fear of Flying Solo

Flying requires just the right amount of confidence. Not too much and not too little. But what happens when we lack that confidence to fly solo? Has this thought ever crossed your... read more

Lessons From Flying Again – Radio Communications

I believe we all struggled with radio communications at one point or another. Perhaps it was towered or even non-towered. It’s that fear of “not knowing what to say” or “making the controller mad” In this clip from the movie Flying Again I’m flying with Ariel Tweto from Flying Wild Alaska who has an “interesting” time on the... read more