Checkrides wreck nerves. It’s a given. Students feel anxious, as if there is a lot on the line. All your training has amounted to this one flight. How can we make it easier?

Be Current

No examiner is going to accept anything being out of date. Check your charts are they still valid? What about your FAR/AIM? AFD? Be sure everything you have is up to date and current. I bet it’s one of the first things your examiner will ask.

Be Prepared

Be sure everything is ready. Especially your flight plan! Have your calculations made for the days current weather conditions. This may mean waking up earlier. Find out how much your examiner weighs and calculate a weight and balance. Think of everything! If you don’t you may get surprised.

Be Professional

Students always ask: “How should I dress for my checkride?” My response: “Dress like you would for a job interview.” Ok so maybe not a full tux, however for each checkride i’ve done I at least wear a dress shirt or polo tucked in.

How does your dress effect your checkride? Being a pilot is a serious matter. You should portray it in how you act and dress. Think if you were the examiner. Would you want to test someone in ripped jeans and flip flops?

You prepared for months and put hours of hard work into this. Stay focused and fly your best!

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