512R’s Annual Inspection

So this week is annual week for my little 150 512R It’s kind of a bummer because when the airplane is on the ground it’s costing me money especially when we find broken parts. Regardless it’s such an awesome learning experience for myself and my flight students who take the time to stop by and help. You’d be amazed at how much you learn being able to work on your own airplane!

For those of you who can’t just swing by and see what i’m talking about I took the video camera out and brought you guys along for the trip. Check it out below.

Common Annual Question’s

How Much Does an Annual Cost? Annual’s are no inexpensive matter unfortunately. My little Cessna 150 512R usually can escape Annual Inspection for under $700 dollars assuming you don’t need any parts and that’s a rare occurrence. Last years annual cost me a hair over $1,200, while this years annual will be right around $900 dollars. It really depends on what you need part wise.

How Long Does an Annual Usually Take? Unless your A&P Mechanic isn’t very busy plan on the airplane being down for around a week. Maybe even longer if you have to order parts.

How Can I Do Owner Assisted Annuals Like You Do? Simple. Just ask! Most A&P Mechanic’s are thrilled to have someone help them. This is such a great chance for you to learn the true in’s and out’s of your airplane.

What Is The Difference Between A 100 Hour Inspection and an Annual? A 100 Hour Inspection is required of any airplane flown for commercial purposes ie: flight instruction. As long as you’re not doing anything commercial out of your airplane you don’t need a 100 hour just an annual. Important to keep in mind that a Annual CAN take the place of a 100 hour however a 100 hour CANNOT take the place of an Annual.

  • Matthew

    Hey Jason! Aside from the interval between inspections, what's the difference between annuals and 100 hour inspections? I'm guessing one is more thorough than the other, but other than that, I have no idea!

  • mzeroa


    You're right my friend 100 hour inspections are typically less detailed than an annual inspection. A little easier on the wallet too ­čÖé

  • Jai

    Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the video. But it's too short..

    Appreciate your efforts


  • mzeroa

    Jai hahah no worries! I'm thinking about a part two ­čÖé


  • Mexican Flyer

    please do!!

  • Great video…yes, part II please! It's great to see these things that usually go unseen by most of the flying community unless you happen to be an owner/operator. It's really awesome to see things like the hole in the muffler and what the carb heat mechanism looks like under the hood. Great job!

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  • Behlman1

    Wrong, an annual and 100 hr are the same work scope. Only the sign off is different. An annual is good for 12 months and can be used for commerical purposes for the first 100 hr. If the aircraft is used this way, it must have another inspection before the 12 months are up. Or you can elect to just do the annual early.

  • mzeroa

    I've done several hand's on 100 hrs and annuals on mine and various aircraft I find annuals to be an inspection that goes into greater depth. For example this annual took exactly 1 week however an A&P can turn over my 150's 100 hr inspection in just 1 day.

  • Mark

    Annual and 100hr inspections are exactly the same as far as the inspection goes. An A&P can do the 100hr but and IA must do annual so obviously different people will perform the inspection differently but according to FAR part 43 appendix D they call for the same thing.

  • mzeroa


    Great insights. That's quite possibly why I was thinking they were different from a work perspective. Also both the A&P and IA are very familiar with my airplane

  • Behlman1

    I have 37 working as an A&P / IA. The work scope of a 100 hr is the same as an Annual. The only difference is the sign off. You put annual in the log book. The FAA allows the acft to be flown for hire for the first 100 hr if you do an annual. Then an other inspection must be completed if it is used to make money. If this insp is done in less than 12 months it can be sign off as a 100 hr or an annual. The work scope for a C150 (per Cessna) calls for 15 manhours to complete either insp. I used to just signed off an other annual for my customers. By the way an A&P can not sign off an annual –
    an IA must sign off. By the way send me a email directly and I will forward a copy of the workscope – [email protected]

  • Ron Amundson

    Back in my day… 15 man hours was pretty typical for either an annual or a 100 hr. We almost always would turn the A/C in one work day by being proactive. Ie, we would order in spare parts based upon prior hundred hour inspections, so they were ready to roll… otoh, if we had to swap engines or do a top overhaul, it would take a week.

    The thing is…. we charged nearly the same prices as those in this blog twenty five years ago. Something has to give…. I wonder if margins are so thin, that no one can afford parts on the shelf, much less air freight for parts/supplies anymore, thus the longer time frames.

  • Jbouza

    Don't forget about the SPECIAL INSPECTIONS too. Most mechs and alot of IA's are under the misconception that all you need to do is a 100/annual and this is not correct. Look at the manufacturer's Chapter 5/ inspection requirements. Usually for small planes there is a 50 hr, 100 hr, 200hr and a list of special inspections basically due at other intervals whether calendar of time related, commercial or not.

  • Justinstipp816

    jason you do a good job with your fllying





  • MD-11 Mech

    You are paying for liability. an A&P and IA are not like a car mech we are dealing with the feds they have no mercy. We are personally liable for work done, which means ignorance is no reason for mistakes. It could be worse you could have a 767 and cost you +1mil for a c check. Would you really want an inspection pencil whipped for cheep. If you cant afford it, rent it. I wouldn’t own a plane they are PITA”s. Would you really want some kid getting paid $10 an hour to work on a commercial aircraft in South America with no regs,that is what is going on with the airlines

  • Gus_flydude

    Pilot/owners should be able to do there own inspections, cut the budget in half.

  • Barsntormersmx

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  • Barnstormersmx

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  • Barnstormersmx

    I am an I.A. Nearly every annual inspection I do , I try to get the bill as high as I can. Fuck all of these stupid fucking owners! They ALL have more money than brains. I make up shit that is broken and then giggle behind their stupid fucking backs at them .

  • Barnstormersmx

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  • Dennis (A&P, MEII)

    The real difference between an annual inspection and a 100 hour inspection is – who signes it off.┬á That is the only difference.

  • Russ

    A 100 hour is only required if a passenger is being carried for hire, not for generic commercial purposes -or- if the person/business giving flight instruction is the same one providing the airplane. FAR 91.409(b)

  • Russ

    As an aircraft owner and one who’s looked at many aircraft maintenance logs, I can tell you that a lot of mechanics and IA’s cannot even perform a decent inspection… the average pilot/owner is in no way qualified to inspect an aircraft.

  • Joshua Moore98

    suck a dick the question is why do airplanes have inspections cross dressing mother fuckers

  • Canadian Mech

    Hello! I have a few questions to be answered here! Any and all input is much appreciated… So here it goes.
    I am currently a Canadian licensed AME with M1 and M2 category ratings, Im looking into getting my A&P conversion and am lost as to which direction I need to start looking. I realize there is a few tests as well as an Oral and Practical portion as well, but how/where do I go about doing the practical? 
     Secondly what is the limitations to the A&P license? Can I sign off an annual on a Privately owned JetRanger the same as I do in Canada? Also I am currently type rated on Bell 206 and Bell 205/204 can these also be converted over as well? Thank you for your input!

  • Jennifer.

    Hi, i have a problem, i don┬┤t know what’s the difference between ┬á100 hour inspection and 100h/Annual inspection.┬á

  • Patrickf572

    100 hr and a Annual Inspections are different in more ways than who is qualified to sign the books.Certain Items are mandatory on 100hr and others at Annual.Depending on items installed and STC’S on the Aircraft

  • Patrickf572

    Annual and 100 hr inspections are and can be different in scope based on optional equipment and STC’S on the aircraft.Items to be inspected Annually,are most likley are┬ánot going to┬ábe inspected at the 100hr. Especially on multi engine and complex singles.

  • Patrickf572

    Annual and 100 hr inspections are and can be different in scope and detail based on optional equipment and STC’S are the A/C.Items that are mandatory at the Annual may or may not be included at the 100hr.Annual inspection reqiures a [email protected] to have┬áa Inspection Authorization. A 100 hr inspection requires only a [email protected]

  • Patrickf572

    100 hr inspections may apply on a propeller or an appliance on the aircraft. regardless of the A/C being used for hire

  • Patrickf572

    Annual Inspections and 100hr inspections are and can be different in scope and detail.Based on optional equipment and STC’S that are on the A/C.Items required to be inspected Annually will not be inspected at 100hr,especially multi engine and complex single a/c

  • Behlman1

    You are wrong, they are the same inspection item, check the work scope.  You need to check with an FAA Maintenance Inspector before you tell people the wrong information.

  • Convairdart106

    I am not an A&P however, I was heavily involved in a flying club with 15 airplanes. My mentor was not only the owner, but the A & P and AI as well. Our annuals were much more intensive than 100 hour inspections whether our club planes or other individuals. All inspection covers were opened and ALL control points including bell cranks, pulleys and cable were checked as well as everything that could be seen. You don’t pull all the covers on your airframe at 100 hour intervals. A 100 hour inspection mostly covers the engine and brakes.

  • Vinsint6996

    Thats all good but on a 100 hr an A&P can return the aircraft safe for flight and also an A&P must do the work on an annual but it take an IA to return it safe for flight.

  • disqus_3cD8Rbmxs7

    Well here is a item, say on a Navajo the O2 bottle is due for hydrostatic testing.This would be under special inspections,along with many other items..like flap motors etc. but hopefully coincides with the 100 hr or Annual.This would not be done every 100 hrs…or even every Annual.But as far as the customer is concerned it means more time and expense, and making it a different from the year before.On more complex aircraft the 100hr/Annual inspections are never the same twice.

  • steve CFI

    I have an aircraft that has the annual inspection logged 07MAY12 in the aircraft logbook. For some reason the Mechanic put a 100 hour inspection in the engine and propeller logs vice “annual”.?? The customer paid for an annual. An IA did the work and signed off the annual and the 100 hour. I s the aircraft “airworthy and within it’s annual”?

  • steve CFI

    I have an aircraft that has the annual inspection logged 07MAY12 in the aircraft logbook. For some reason the Mechanic put a 100 hour inspection in the engine and propeller logs vice “annual”.?? The customer paid for an annual. An IA did the work and signed off the annual and the 100 hour. I s the aircraft “airworthy and within it’s annual”?

  • Marcos

    Not in Brazil, we deserve some respect. We have around 500 FAA A&P Techs in the country working for several US airlines, and we deal with the airplanes just like you guys deal in the US. I’m an A&P with IA for instance.

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