This is a favorite question posed by checkride instructors: “is the airplane we’re flying in today airworthy?” The easy response is “well sure it is!” But you have to have the knowledge to back it up.

For this we have 2 acronyms to learn:

The first you may have heard of ARROW

Your aircraft must have an:

A – Airworthiness Certificate
R – Registration
R – Radio Certificate (required for international flights)
O – Operators Manual (Pilots operating handbook doesn’t count)
W – Weight and Balance (current and specific to your airplane)

In addition to aircraft documentation your aircraft must also be kept up to date with it’s inspections.

For this we use the acronym AVIATES

A – Airworthiness Directives (AD’s)
V – VOR Check (every 30 days) (IFR Only)
I – Inspections 100 hour (For Hire Only) and Annual (Required of all Aircraft)
A – Altimeter (Every 24 Calendar Months) (IFR Only)
T – Transponder (Every 24 Calendar Months)
E – ELT (Every 12 Calendar Months)
S – Static System (Every 24 Calendar Months) (IFR Only)

Using the acronyms ARROW and AVIATES you’ll be able to show your flight instructor or checkride examiner why your airplane is airworthy

Be sure you’re able to locate each inspection item (paperwork included) well before going up for you exam.

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