Buying a Cessna 172 (part 5 of 5)

The Purchase

Well you’re almost there! It’s the final home stretch!

Your purchase can be easy or it can be very hectic depending on how you go about it.
If you decide to purchase your aircraft outright, you will need to conduct a title search on your aircraft. Another potential tie up is in the document transfer.

Usually I go right through AOPA I’ve found them to be more than helpful. In fact they conduct a free title search, appraisal, and document transfer if you finance through their program. Even if you decided to purchase the aircraft outright these services are still offered for a small fee.

Before you go and pick up your new airplane be sure to talk with an insurance agent so you can fly home protected should something happen. Also many banks will require that you show proof of insurance before they wire over the funds.

Also be sure to bring along your temporary aircraft registration, it would be just dumb luck to have a ramp check shortly after your brand new purchase.

For those of you thinking about purchasing any aircraft or who have already done so, allow me to say congratulations, you’ve made an awesome advancement in this wonderful world of aviation.

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  • I have been debating witch plane to purchase as my first. I have gone from wanting a Stinson 108-2 or 3, Piper Warrior, Cherokee, 172, ect… It seems like the best thing is to find what you like to fly and then consider which will have a better resale in the future… cause I know I’ll want to step it up some day. Maybe even get a Cirrus SR22 Turbo in 20 years… they’ll be more affordable by then. 🙂

  • I37chsnfew1950

    I would say you have everything of importance as far as I can tell,overall an excellent job Thank you very much

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