The following is a video I did for AOPA’s Let’s Go Flying Blog. I figured i’d share the actual video with you guys in hopes of helping you make the right decision or giving you the ammunition to steer a friend in the right direction when choosing a flight school.

Flight training is a HUGE investment! Why not get the most bang for you buck and know what to look for and have the right questions ready to be asked and answered!

Key things to think about:

Do I want to train Part 61 or 141?
How much am I willing to spend?
How much time can I actually invest?

Key Questions to remember to ask:

What is the average total cost?
Is ground school provided?
What is you maintenance policy?

Watch the video for more great insight and questions to ask.

Wondering if a school is right for you? Shoot me an email. I’d be more than happy to discuss it with you!

Remember a Good Pilot is Always Learning!

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