Class D Airspace Radio Communications

You’re going to really enjoy this video. I take you from start up, copying the ATIS, contacting ground, tower and then eventually the departure controller. The video is a bit longer than normal but you’ll pull a ton of great info from this content. – Jason

  • Bubhallett

    Part of being a great pilot as you say, is also being a live pilot. When the tower, ground, or Center is talking, you should NOT be. Someday you may hear someone is at your altitude, your position, and if you are not listening you may become dead. I have been flying around the world for my entire career, and if one of my co-piolots started jabbering below 10,000 feet, or if one of my passengers in my Cub was needlessly talking within 10 miles of the airport, I would have their ass! You need to stress to the students out there, that one needs to pay attention ANYTIME there is talking on the radio. On a side note, send me an e-mail to my address, I have something you may like. This might be a good deal for you. I have been working on a book for over 5 years. It deals with the in’s and out’s of bush flying here in Alaska. All of the mistakes no one teaches you. Most of these, my friends had to find out for themselves. Send me your mailing address and I will ship it to you for free.

  • Mark C

    Jason, great video. Once again, you remind me that just because I can drive an airplane, I have a LOT left to learn. I admire your ability.

  • Jack

    Jason, great vid; you make it look so easy. As a student pilot I find the details of just getting ready for the take-off overwhelming(sp?). My instructor has me now making the calls for a non-towerd airport and my mouth does not seem connected to the brain at that time!!! Hopefully it gets easier. Thanks

  • Danlor9092

    Very cool, I’m a student pilot and digging up all info for better communications with tower, it’s very intimidating to me!

  • Kevin Harvey82

    Great video….as a controller and now student pilot I understand the intimidation that some students can have with “those guys in the glass cage” but we are just real passionate about our job of keeping everybody safe and not having an accident happen on our watch. I love your video and I would be interested in seeing you make one on flight planning from beginning to end. The length doesn’t bother me at all. Keep up the good work

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  • Frank_bellinger

    Great video. Wish I could hear ya when the other transmissions are happening. I could watch one of these every night. Great job! 

  • Glande

    Nice vid,  I heard Ground give taxi to 21 via Alpha and then you said you were on Echo,  which taxiway did you use.

  • Mike McGrath

    Great video with real tower communication.  Thanks.

  • AJ

    Nice stuff Jason…as a trainee this type of presentation really helps me! I look forward to more as you develop your site. Thanks, AJ aka 85RW

  • Shane

    Thanks for the great video.  Very helpful to hear the communication while I am still learning.

  • Fiedler Tim

    Great video. I really wish my instructor had gone over flight following with me. I want to use it on cross country flights, but don’t have the experience with it.

  • Michaeljob

    outstanding learning tool

  • Miten47

    Thank you Jason. This video is very helpful.

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