We always see it on our checklist, but what really is a departure briefing? Well depending on what you’re doing it can mean a few things. However the one thing I know we can agree on is that your checkride examiner will want you to conduct one in some fashion. In this video I’ll be showing you my departure briefing. Yet what I really want to know is what your departure briefing sounds like! Tell me in the comment box below.

What’s your departure briefing like? Tell me in the box below!

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Hey everyone, Jason Schappert, back with you. I wanna show you guys a few things to an effective departure briefing. A lot of times you see it in your checklist but it commonly gets overlooked. On your checkrides, it could be very important.

So, you’re my checkride examiner, and I’m going through my departure briefing. So we just pull up to the hold short line, my run up’s complete and I’m just standing by the runway. I’m gonna say, “Well, Mr. or Miss Checkride Examiner, in the event of an engine failure before rotation, what’s gonna happen is, I’m gonna bring my power back to idle and stand up on my brakes next to the runway.

In the event of engine failure after rotation, after takeoff, with suitable runway left, I’m gonna nose the airplane down, bring the power back to idle and just land the airplane like I would.

In the event of an engine failure after takeoff without any runway left, if I’m above a thousand feet, I’m not gonna turn back to that runway. I’m gonna land straight ahead somewhere and treat it as if it was a normal landing.

During this takeoff, I’ll have the flight controls and I’ll also be doing the radios at all time. And we will be taking a normal takeoff at the left turnout departing to the west.”

I know it sounds like a mouthful but it’s so important that you have an effective departure briefing down talking about what you will be doing, who’s pilot in command, and what’s gonna happen in the event of an emergency. That will be a big point in the checkride, and that my friend is an effective departure briefing.

Practice it, memorize it and use it on your checkride.

Hey guys, it’s all I have for you. Remember, a good pilot is always learning. Catch you guys later, see you.

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