Flying the DME arc ILS approach

One of the few times you’ll do a real DME Arc is during IFR flight training and the checkride… but it’s a great refresher and something more to add to your IFR toolbox. Follow along as I complete an ILS approach using the DME arc.

You may not hear the phrase “turn 10, twist 10” often when you’re up flying, but it will come in handy during this maneuver. DME arcs are one of those things that don’t get practiced enough. However many don’t realize that instead of trying to fly a continuous circle around the station, we are going for a series of short straight lines instead. Once you understand how to execute it, A DME arc is simple.

One thing I REALLY encourage is for you to talk through the maneuvers so you can plan ahead and understand what is coming up next. It’s all about thinking ahead and staying ahead of that airplane.

You can even follow along with the OCF plate by clicking here


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