Getting ready for your checkride? This is a question that’s been coming up quite a bit on the checkrides I’ve sat in on. How will you answer the question when asked? Check out this video.

91.211… what can we find in 91.211? This is one of the biggest checkride questions coming out right now. Examiners are asking either: a) What can we find in 91.211? I’m talking about the FARs by the way. Or, examiners could ask, when do you as a private pilot or any pilot for that matter need to be a supplemental oxygen? Well, Mr. Examiner or Ms. Examiner, would be a great way to start it probably… I’m just kidding about that part.
In 91.211, in the FARs, you can learn about supplemental oxygen. In fact, from 12,500 feet to 13,999 feet, if I’m at that altitude for more than 30 minutes, I have to be on supplemental oxygen as required. Let me say that again, from 12,500 feet to 13,999, basically, more than 30 minutes if you’re up there, you have to be on supplemental oxygen. Now, the question your examiner is going to come back and ask you, “Why can’t I just be flap there for 29 minutes and drop down to 11,500 a bit and bump back up?” Well, air traffic control is gonna know what’s going on and that’s simply not gonna fly. That’s not how it works. You need to be on oxygen. 12,500 to 13,999 feet… does that make sense? I’m bad at my numbers sometimes. You need to be on oxygen.

Listen to this one. 14,000 feet. At 14,000 feet, required crew must be on oxygen. There’s no way around it. And 15,000 feet, you’re still on oxygen. However, your passengers now must be offered oxygen. Now, they don’t have to take it. If they want to get hypoxic and pass out, that’s their deal. 15,000 feet.. offer it to the passengers but they don’t have to accept it. Let’s recap real quick because this is a big checkride question.
Now, where you find this? 91.211. 12,500 to 13,999, if you’re there for more than 30 minutes, you gotta be on oxygen. Okay? 14,000 feet, required crew is required to be on supplemental oxygen. 15,000… you must offer to your passengers, however, they don’t have to accept it.

Hey guys that’s all I have for you this week. Thank you for checking out Pilot Training TV and You guys are such a blessing and I appreciate it. If you guys are curious about more checkride questions, you need to check out my Online Ground School or you need to check out my book, Passing Your Private Pilot Checkride.

Hey guys, remember, a good pilot is always learning. See ya.

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