Commercial Pilot

Inflight Emergencies Facebook LIVE Recording

We had a great time last night sharing our best tips for inflight emergencies on our Facebook Livestream. If you missed the recording You can view it below. Also be sure to checkout our schedule in the video below that for the next time we’ll be live on Facebook. Want to catch up on our Facebook LIVE recordings? Watch them below Inflight Emergencies The Secret To Perfect Landings What To Expect On Your Private Pilot Checkride What To Expect On Your Instrument Pilot... read more

BasicMed – 3rd Class Medical Reform

It’s been a long road but 3rd class medical reform is here and it has a name. “BasicMed” is the work of AOPA pushing legislators for many years to help grow and provide spark to the pilot population. For this video I asked “world famous” uncle Larry Diamond who is a CFII and doctor of pharmacy. Larry helps breakdown what BasicMed is and what it means to you. Feel free to ask any questions regarding it in the comments section below after you watch the... read more

My Best Landing Tip

My best landing tip… Slow flight down the runway. It’s not something you’ll find in any ACS or 141 syllabus. Yet if you find yourself struggling with landings it might be just the trick you need to help visualize and feel each landing. Enjoy two versions of the video below. First is the regular video you’re familiar seeing from us. The second video is the 360 version allowing you so step into the video and look around the cockpit as if you were sitting in the left seat next to me. Thank you so much for your great comments and feedback I look forward to reading each one! We have amazing things planned for MzeroA in 2017 and I’m so blessed you’re a part of all of it! – Jason Regular version 360 Version – If on Desktop Use Your Cursor to Look Around. If On Mobile You’ll Need to Be in The Facebook App to View It CLICK HERE to Open It In The App. You Could Also View It Directly on the MzeroA Facebook Page... read more

Transitioning To Multi Engine Aircraft

Thanks to you all in the MzeroA Nation we’ve been so blessed! Last month we were able to purchase a “new to us” aircraft allowing us to now bring you some amazing multiengine training. Here’s a sneak peak of whats to come. We’re in the process of filming our brand new CFI online ground school and multiengine online ground school so stay tuned for that! In the meantime did you know we already have an amazing Private, Instrument, and Commercial Pilot online ground school? Already up to ACS guidelines might I add. Click below to learn... read more

My Day as a Corporate Pilot

Have you ever wondered what the day and the life of a corporate pilot is like? My good friend Keith asked me to sit right seat and play the role of co-pilot on his King Air 350. This quick clip shares what that day was like. (Note for Privacy reasons we removed the tail number from any radio calls) Thinking of a career in Aviation? I’m hosting a free webinar Tuesday October 25th at 9pm Eastern Time. Sign up is free and you can do so by CLICKING HERE On the webinar I’ll be talking about jobs I’ve held in Aviation and the current opportunities that exist to... read more

Flying to a New Airport

Have any of these questions crossed your mind while flying to a new airport? Is that the airport or is THAT the airport? Which end is runway 36 again? (At a pilot controlled airport) Why is that guy taking off with a tailwind? (At a towered airport) Okay report a 3 mile left base for 36…. Now if I could only spot 36. I think we’ve all had one of these thoughts at one point or another. In todays video I go over some of the things I do when flying to a new to me airport. If you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your tips in the comment box below as well! Enjoy –... read more

Spins With Ariel Tweto

Today video is a fun one! Our friend Ariel Tweto who you all know from Flying Wild Alaska and our movie Flying Again came back into town to brush up on some skills. So what better skill to introduce her to than spins. Enjoy –... read more

Engine Failure Of Takeoff

Every video we put out has one goal: To make safer/smarter pilots. I hope todays video is a reflection of that for you. Have you ever practiced this? You’re rolling down the runway (preferably a long runway) you rotate, climb out normally, then at 100-200ft AGL the instructor brings the throttle back to idle simulating an engine failure on takeoff with usable runway remaining. What about the other situation without usable runway remaining? We cover both of these situations in todays video. Enjoy it –... read more

The Ultimate VFR Flight Following Video

We’ve spent time talking about VFR flight following before but never like this. A few weeks ago I was invited to the space center which involved a commute everyday across the state with cameras rolling. Each time we picked up flight following something different happened. Sometimes it was the standard response, the next time no response… or shall we call it more of a delayed response. That’s the thing about flight following we can make the same radio calls, on the same frequencies, on different days and get different responses. This clip really shows the diversity of VFR flight following responses. Enjoy –... read more