Private Pilot

Soft Field Landing

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of soft field landings lately. I truly want you to find a way to get out there and practice a real landing on grass with your CFI sometime this year. You’ll find that what we simulating on pavement does little to prepare us for the real... read more

Soft Field Takeoff

Have you ever done a real soft field takeoff? Maybe you’re like most of us and only simulated one on pavement throughout your training. Allow me to take you out to the grass at X60 and show a real soft field... read more

Emergency Approach To Soft Field Landing

Have you ever considered that your first emergency landing might also be a soft field landing? Have you ever practiced a power off approach from altitude down to the grass? If not it’s a maneuver I challenge you to find a way to practice with your flight instructor. In todays video I setup that exact secnario and run you through the items you’ll want to be watching for. Enjoy –... read more

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Landings

Many of you know my story. I was a low time (less than 10 hour pilot) and on an attempt to land with my instructor landed well right of the runway in the grass. This mishap made me want to quit flying. I really thought I would never get the hang of landings. Fast forward 10 years and thousands of hours later to today. Where I now get to work with students helping them to avoid the same landing pitfalls I found myself in. For todays video I’m sharing with you what I believe are 3 easy ways to improve your landings. I’ll be demonstrating the Do’s and Don’ts that lead to great landings. Check out the video... read more

Flying a high density altitude pattern – Sedona AZ

Join Jason and Hunter in a lap around the pattern of Sedona Airport in Arizona. The density altitude is over¬†2000 feet higher than the airport’s actual altitude, decreasing the 172’s performance. Jason explains how and why we lean the machine on take off during these situations and demonstrates skills that can help you in any high density altitude situation.¬†... read more

This isn’t Florida anymore!! Flying the mountain ravines out West.

Jason and Hunter take advantage of a beautiful day and fly a “not so direct” course from Scottsdale AZ to Sedona AZ. They prepare for rising terrain, density altitude, thermals, lowered engine performance, limited landing options and turn around points, all of which are discussed in this video. In Florida we think of heavy rain clouds for IFR, but out in this area of Arizona IFR can be anything from dust clouds to heavy wildfire smoke; Jason and Hunter discuss many factors that affect those flying in the mountains.... read more

S Turns Across a Road – Ground Reference Maneuvers

The goal of an S Turn is to fly two equally sized half-circles even in windy conditions. These turns are private pilot ground reference maneuvers that don’t get practiced often but are a great tool for learning wind correction and developing precise aircraft control. Follow along as Jason demonstrates this maneuver in the Cessna 172.  ... read more