Private Pilot

Go Around

It’s the maneuver no one like to practice, the go-around. Yet last year there were 42 accidents that occurred during “attempted” go-arounds. Watching this video I want you to remember one thing. Fly the airplane first! If you remember to tell tower you’re going around, great. If you remember to maneuver slightly to the right of the runway, fine. However we have to remember to get and keep that airplane flying... read more

Unusual Attitudes

When is the last time you practiced unusual attitudes? How did you practice with your CFI? Spatial disorientation is no laughing matter. The FAA released a study that says based on NTSB data a private pilot on average only lasted 178 seconds in IMC conditions. Fly along with myself and our director of maintenance Russ Loving as I show you the 2 ways we practice upset recovery and induce spatial... read more

Secondary Stalls

What would happen if I didn’t execute a proper stall recovery? The airplane breaks the stall but we continue to apply back pressure and we now enter into a secondary stall. I’ll show you what that looks like in todays... read more

Turning Stalls

Have you ever done a turning stall? On purpose? There is a good chance that during your Private Pilot checkride you may be asked to demonstrate a turning stall. So in todays video I’ll take you through the process so you know what expect and can go practice a turning stall with your... read more

Private Pilot Steep Turns

Steep turns were a maneuver I really struggled with way back in my training. I found myself always fighting the airplane. Climbing/descending, rolling out to early/late, etc… In this video I show you one of my best tricks you can use to get the airplane working for you during steep... read more

Soft Field Landing

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of soft field landings lately. I truly want you to find a way to get out there and practice a real landing on grass with your CFI sometime this year. You’ll find that what we simulating on pavement does little to prepare us for the real... read more

Soft Field Takeoff

Have you ever done a real soft field takeoff? Maybe you’re like most of us and only simulated one on pavement throughout your training. Allow me to take you out to the grass at X60 and show a real soft field... read more