How to Become a Pilot

What exactly is required to become a pilot? Learning to Fly can be a daunting task! This video goes over the basic requirements you need to obtain your private pilot certificate.

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Remember a good pilot is always learning!

  • Hi
    I was wondering will this prep me for the ground school courses
    for the Private Pilot Licence. Is that what checkrides are?
    Or are they more on the flight portion of the licencing exam?

  • J F Banas

    Hi Jason!  I got my SEL Private in ’79.  I was looking at this for my eldest Daughter who somehow seems to have the itch to learn to fly!  I had a 24 year break in flying because I was flying bills, mortage, Harley Davidson’s, sailboats, marrage, you get the idea. So my question is: Cross Country requirements?  I had to to three 100 mileers…

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