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So I’m starting something new. As most of you already know I get at least 100 emails a day no joke! I’m not talking spam or silly forwards. I’m talking at least 100 legit flight training questions a day! Needless to say my fingers get tired typing all those replies. So I’m starting a new video series that will run bi-weekly called Ask Jason A Question. I’m only going to choose a small handful and use them In the video segment every other week. If you’d like to submit a flight training question i’ll show you how in the video below.

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  • FRadford10

    Great video, for some reason i dont mind the studying I find the books interesting! love the vids keep em comin 

  • Dclaytx2

    Thanks for the great tips, Jason.

  • Crush5454

    Great idea here’s a question on Light Gun Signals… If you need a two-way radio in Class D,C,B airspace, why is their a need for a ground light gun signal for clear to take off? If you don’t have a working a radio why would you take off? 

  • William Armstrong

    Hey Jason I just saw the video you have made up and thanks for the tips. I have just taking my written exam and I passed and now I am working on my x-country. Thanks again Jason you are doing a terrific job keep it up!!!

  • MrR0B

    In regard to a VFR Commercial, Does actual IMC w a CFII count toward simulated instrument time? I noticed in the FAR’s they used the words “view limiting device”.

  • John

    HI Jason,

    I have been following your videos for some time now. A few months ago I finally got my private and now look forward to my instrument, any chance you put some videos out on beginner instrument lessons? 

  • Walter Hawkins

    I am trying to get a response to an apparent error in your w/b video, as follows:

    In your W & B videos, you calculated an incorrect moment for “basic EW”:1750 x 39 = 68250 (not 67375)

  • Kenn3621

    Hi MrRoB,
    Actual IMC with a CFII is logged as actual instrument time and counts towards your required hours of flight by reference to instruments. I actually logged most of my 3 hour requirement during actual weather conditions as well as 2 localizer and 1 GPS approach prior to obtaining my private certificate. That time will also count as time for getting your instrument and/or commercial ratings.

  • Kenn3621

    Hi Jason, Keep up the good work. One area that might or might not be a problem in your area is using self serve refueling. Our airport (KIDI) is a full service only airport and none of the students were being taught how to use the self serve refueling equipment and the safety precautions to be observed during refueling. I discussed this with our flight school and the flight instructors and they have agreed to teach this to their students during cross country training to an airport that has self serve capabilities.

  • Yavhtchef

    I was wondreing if you can re-new your medical a couple of months before it actually expires?

  • MJ

    I am having a terrible time finding a local CFI to train me for my CFI. Is it me or do they feel threatened by possible compition?

  • Jer2117

    What advice do you have for new students who study at home for flight training, and when they get in the cockpit to fly, all they read at home gets jumbled and they get brain lock and can’t remember a thing. One thing that helps me is not to rush the prefight which helps to settle any anxiety during flying.

  • Mark C.

    I passed my checkride on Feb. 8th.  The examiner asked a lot of questions related to aeronautical decision making during the oral. Those are hard to study for, because it’s not memorization, it’s learning how to think about situations and make good decisions. I’d recommend reading all the stuff you can find on the web about aviation accidents, the accident chain, VFR into IMC, fuel management, etc., and get in the habit of thinking about how you’d handle various situations. The other thing he really worked me out on was, like Jason mentioned, sectional reading. I did well, so he kept going until he found things I didn’t know or couldn’t remember, like what a National Wildlife Refuge looks like on a sectional (I DID know that you have to stay 2000′ AGL over them), or that there are little numbers next to Victor airways which tell you the distance between the two points they connect, which my instructor had showed me but I forgot by the time I got to the checkride. 

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