IFR Instrument Approach and Crew Resource Management

Despite this video posts title it applies equally to both my VFR and IFR guys. What I really want to showcase here is CRM “Crew Resource Management” How well do you and other pilots work as a team in the cockpit? You’ll find CRM on every PTS and checkride from Private Pilot on up so it’s important you learn the distinct roles that make up CRM they are what I call “The Flying Pilot” and “The Talking Pilot”

In the video below you’ll see my student and I work as a team to break out of IFR conditions on a GPS approach. Enjoy – Jason

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The Approach Plate: Follow along with the actual approach plate Jason was briefing HERE

Jason’s Acronym For The Approach Brief: R-MA-R-T-H-A
R – Right Approach – Do I have the right approach plate out?
MA – Missed Approach – Did ATC give me missed instructions or is it the published missed?
R – Radios – Are my radios set? Who will I be talking to next? Maybe Tower? Do I have the ATIS?
T – Time – Am I ready to start my time? DO I need to start my time? (Always a good habit regardless)
H – Heading – What’s my final approach heading? What’s my next heading?
A – Altitude – What’s my DA/DH/MDA? What’s my next step down altitude?

Jason’s New Headset: The new headset you see showcased in this video was custom made for MzeroA.com by my new friends over at The Squawk Shoppe It’s been my goto headset for the past few month and I’ve really put it through the paces and am happy to give them my 5 star approval. You can view a close up of the new design my CLICKING HERE. (Note it should go without saying but I’ll mention it anyways. I was not in anyway compensated for mentioning or wearing the headset. Ask anyone of my students it’s just simply my new goto headset) I do however think the squawk shoppe is a wonderful business/idea and through the design process of my own unit grown to become friends with their staff. They’re cool dudes. Check them out.

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