IFR Instrument Approach

IFR FlyingYou’re going to learn a lot in this video. It doesn’t matter what level of flying you’re at.

Beyond being an awesome aircraft and great IFR day TJ really communicated well with me and with ATC. Something I think all students can always improve on.

Watch below as we shoot an approach into the Winter Haven Airport. Pay close attention to how well TJ communicates and manages the cockpit.

Want to learn more about TJ? Vist his blog at TJ’s Flying Adventures

As always leave me a comment below with what you thought!

  • Great video you guys. Great brief and well-done approach. I chuckled as I heard Jason giving instructions to the restaurant while you’re still on short final…. instructors….we’re always thinking with our stomachs!

    Seriously, good video work Jason!

  • Anonymous

    haha well I had to help him with taxi instructions right?!?

    Thanks for the comment Chris! Really glad you enjoyed the video


  • Marcel Koks

    Great stuff! Very cool to hear the pilot doing his checks on the way down. More of this please.. πŸ˜‰

  • Asghar shah

    excellent Video great learning point Have a Merry Xmas and happy holidays thanks again for sharing this.

  • Peter

    Why do birds always congregate on the runways in low cloud weather. Same thing happens at my local airport…. Great video, I liked all the explanations of what’s happening. Some day I’ll do my IFR too.

  • Anonymous


    hmm Maybe the birds weren’t IFR rated?


    ok bad joke sorry πŸ™‚


  • Anonymous

    You my friend have an excellent Christmas as well!


  • Anonymous


    Glad you enjoyed it! I’ll look into doing more videos like this one


  • That was great Jason. I am really looking forward to IFR training after I get my PPL. What a awesome plane to get to do that in also. Lucky guy.. you have great fans!

  • Great video. I am just starting to work on my instrument rating. Nice to see a video of a well organized approach.

  • Anonymous

    Chris I have great fans like you! πŸ™‚

    IFR training is a blast you’re going to love it

    Find an instructor that will let you shoot approaches in actual conditions. I went my ENTIRE IFR rating with zero actual…bummer

    …But i’ve since made up for that hundredfold


  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it

    TJ really did do an awesome job on that flight


  • Jules

    That was an extremely interesting IFR approach and landing. Thanks.

  • Anonymous


    Glad you liked it! The flight was a blast!


  • Tommy

    That’s a pretty good video Jason. I always enjoy getting your e-mail with new clips. That is a procedure that can’t be practiced too much. Good job…. The birds come out of nowhere, WOW. Did you see them quicker than you could see them in the video?

    Tommy Eldridge

    BTW: you flew just about over my parents house on final.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for the kind words i’m so glad you enjoy getting the emails.

    I spotted the birds shortly before touchdown I knew it was going to be close but I didn’t think that close!

    I waved at your Mom and Dad when we flew over haha


  • Mgarvya

    Nice job! I was watching and when you guys say “airport in sight” I was wondering where an earth is the airport .. moments after I saw it πŸ™‚ … Bird Strikes πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    haha yep you could just barely spot it!

    Thanks for the comment


  • Cphillips103

    At one point the autopilot was taken off and there was a little bit of pitch up. I’m under the impression it’s because autopilots usually hold a little extra positive trim. So when you turn them off the plane usually is holding more trim than you need so you have to quickly adjust or end up ballooning.

  • Marry me haha,

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