I’ve talked a lot about short field landings. In fact I have shot 3 videos about the topic alone and that doesn’t include all the videos and webinars i’ve done on the topic for my guys inside the Online Ground School.

In my most recent video I took a student over to Cedar Key (KCDK) to practice short field landings…. and maybe grab a bite to eat too! 🙂

This video is the raw footage from that traffic pattern and landing. You’ll be able to hear me doing what I love to do and that’s TEACH!

After you finish up with that video i’ve also embedded my other 2 videos on short field landings for you to enjoy!

When you get done… As always leave me a comment on your experiences with short field landings or any questions you may have!

Short Field Landing Technique

Short Field and Soft Field Takeoff/Landing Technique

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