Mastering Slow Flight

If you can master slow flight you can excel in really “perfecting” you landings. The video below discusses slow flight along with some clips from the Online Ground School.

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Hey everyone. Jason Schappert of and welcome to PilotTraining TV.

This week,I wanna talk to you guys about something I’ve been thinking about and that is a maneuver that a lot of student pilots… not even just student pilots. There are pilots in general that are not practicing enough. What I’m talking about is slow flight.

You guys that have been following blog last month in August, I was big in landing techniques and big on teaching how to grease those landings. You know a big contributing factor to that is slow flight. I have some clips that we are gonna flip through that I want you guys to see. They’re actually taken from the online ground school. So you guys that haven’t had the chance to check the online ground school, you need to because the footage you’ll be watching is coming from there.

You know the thing with slow flight is… I don’t teach a student… I don’t want to work on landing really until they have mastered slow flight and stalls. You know, those two maneuvers… slow flight more so and stalls at least… are so vital and I’m so particular about how students do it. You know, in this big mantra that I want you guys to remember with slow flight is that, in slow flight, we’re pitching for airspeed and powering for altitude. That’s not just with slow flight, that’s also in every other phase of flight, it seems like. You know, we’re coming on final, we’re pitching for airspeed and powering for altitude. That’s why slow flight is so important. Right before you touch down, you’re basically in a modified version of slow flight.

So, if your landings are sub-par, I encourage you to get out there and practice your slow flight maneuvers. Practice them in a clean configuration, practice them in the dirty or landing configuration. You need to get out there and do it whether you’re a student pilot training to get ready or whether you are a private pilot. Slow flight is one of those maneuvers that is not getting practice enough, not getting done for the proper reasons. I mean, think about it. It’s one thing to do slow flight… what about practicing turns during slow flight? Really get the feel of those rudder pedals because, think about it. In slow flight, the wind over the top camber of our wing are just eddying off. Our ailerons… they’re just not effective at all. It’s primarily rudder movement.

You need to get the habit of, “Okay, I’m practicing slow flight. I’m going on a northerly heading. Let’s go ahead and turn to the right thirty degrees.” Work on it. Keep this in mind. It’s called slow flight for a reason. Take your time doing these turns. Work through it slowly. So that is just one thing that I really wanted to share with you guys. If you are struggling with your landings, you get to get out there regardless and practice some slow flight. Like I said, the clips those clips that you guys all just show are from my online ground school. If you haven’t checked it out, you need to so. There’s a tab in for the Online Ground School. I promise you you won’t be disappointed with that.

That’s all I have for you guys today. Get out there. Practice your slow flight. Bunch it in every configuration. Practice your turns. Do it with a buddy. Do it with your instructor. Just get out there and do it. It’s going to make your landings better and make you a safer pilot because, most importantly guys, a good pilot is always learning. I’ll catch you guys later.

  • Jaipagare

    Hey Guys,

    Yes, our gr8 Instructor Jason is absolutely right.. To get your landing perfect; practice slow flight and power off Power on stalls..
    Thanks Jason for sharing some secrets..

  • mzeroa

    Jai no sweat!

    Thanks for the comments bud!


  • Pmckanna

    Jason is so right…There are so many lessons – life saving lessons – that come from mastering Slow Flight. After all, what kills most pilots? Not maintaining Slow Flight – loss of airspeed and lift. If you have not mastered the art of Slow Flight and you are flying solo pattern work – you are playing with a loaded revolver…

  • mzeroa

    Quite honestly a great way to put it! Awesome Comment!

    Guys it all comes down to one thing… Airspeed


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  • Roberts Andrejevs

    Good article. I think slow flight is underrated in civilian pilot training. For me training slow flight to improve landings is a new concept, never thought about it that way. Additional value for this training is to get comfortable flying the whole AC envelope and to refresh initial stall indications. In onother words, if you get good at slow flight and especially at slow flight recovery, you might avoid some stall situations.

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