Multitasking In The Cockpit

Have you ever felt distracted? Or maybe like you’re falling behind the airplane? Your ability to multitask and stay organized in the cockpit will help you more than you can imagine. Learn in this video how to manage distractions and keep flying the airplane. Remember: Navigate, Communicate, and most importantly AVIATE!

How do you multitask in the cockpit? Any tools or methods you use? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below. – Jason

  • Jdavidrich

    Good tips! Now if I could also juggle tower jargon at the same time! But then a student pilot remains such until competent and licensed and hopefully the twain shall meet.

  • Asgharshah

    good presentation something like this is always a good reminder to keep things organized

  • Airforce 1

    Hey thanks

  • Airforce 1

    Hey Jason,
    I am eleven, so I not like a certified pilot or anything, but i try to get as much info as possible to be ready, and to save money, on flight school. that is an acceptable explanation (i hope) for the question im about to ask: what is squawk? that was probably a real dumb question.

  • AJ

    I often screw up my radio calls. Luckily I fly from an uncontrolled airport where everyone is understanding of radio mistakes. When I have to go to other airports – especially controlled ones – on cross country flights I write what I have to say on sticky notes and put them on the instrument panel if there’s room (don’t cover up dials!) or on the side of my nav logs. I usually don’t need them but if I freeze up when talking to a tower they come in quite handy.

  • Mediocre Pilot

    With reference´╗┐ to ‘navigate constantly’ there is such a thing as over-navigating. I don’t agree that you have to know precisely where you are at all times; documented position´╗┐ fixes every five to ten minutes and being able to deduce a likely position between fixes is enough. Obviously if you’re negotiating tricky or complicated airspace these fixes must be more regular but when students try to constantly pinpoint their position their ability to maintain a heading and altitude goes out of the window, as does the lookout for traffic. I do agree though that cockpit management is absolutely paramount. A final point – I would have liked to see ‘Aviate’ appear at the beginning of the video as it is, after all, the highest priority. Aviate, navigate, communicate!

  • S.P

    Im becoming a helicopter pilot and multi tasking for helicopter pilots in the cockpit is intense. Do appreciate your tips. Cheers!!

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