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Inflight Emergencies Facebook LIVE Recording

We had a great time last night sharing our best tips for inflight emergencies on our Facebook Livestream. If you missed the recording You can view it below. Also be sure to checkout our schedule in the video below that for the next time we’ll be live on Facebook. Want to catch up on our Facebook LIVE recordings? Watch them below Inflight Emergencies The Secret To Perfect Landings What To Expect On Your Private Pilot Checkride What To Expect On Your Instrument Pilot... read more

BasicMed – 3rd Class Medical Reform

It’s been a long road but 3rd class medical reform is here and it has a name. “BasicMed” is the work of AOPA pushing legislators for many years to help grow and provide spark to the pilot population. For this video I asked “world famous” uncle Larry Diamond who is a CFII and doctor of pharmacy. Larry helps breakdown what BasicMed is and what it means to you. Feel free to ask any questions regarding it in the comments section below after you watch the... read more

My Best Landing Tip

My best landing tip… Slow flight down the runway. It’s not something you’ll find in any ACS or 141 syllabus. Yet if you find yourself struggling with landings it might be just the trick you need to help visualize and feel each landing. Enjoy two versions of the video below. First is the regular video you’re familiar seeing from us. The second video is the 360 version allowing you so step into the video and look around the cockpit as if you were sitting in the left seat next to me. Thank you so much for your great comments and feedback I look forward to reading each one! We have amazing things planned for MzeroA in 2017 and I’m so blessed you’re a part of all of it! – Jason Regular version 360 Version – If on Desktop Use Your Cursor to Look Around. If On Mobile You’ll Need to Be in The Facebook App to View It CLICK HERE to Open It In The App. You Could Also View It Directly on the MzeroA Facebook Page... read more
Flight Training Radio
Coffee Break Flight Instruction
Good Pilot Magazine
One place I spent a lot of time was with Jason Schappert and MzeroA. Primarily because the videography that brings you into the cockpit and shows you what you’re doing in terms of controlling the airplane, is all part of the preparation and studying that’s incredibly valuable before you even get into the cockpit of the airplane. Jim Minow

Executive Director AOPA Foundation

I have enjoyed your online ground school. It was just what I was looking for. This course has allowed me to learn new things, keep up the knowledge part of flying and to interact with you and other pilots through the weekly workshops, monthly check rides and webinars.

I have also enjoyed and benefited from the frequent e-mails you have sent. It has also made me realize confidence in my knowledge skills and allowed me to move on to the IFR ground work I have been eager to get to. Dean Hoopengardner

Private Pilot

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