Long believed to be a myth the 4,000 – 5,000 dollar private pilot license is still alive and attainable; with no risk to safety or quality. What if I told you I had a beautiful, well-equipped Cessna 150 that rents for $100 dollars an hour wet with an instructor? Would you be interested? I sure hope so!

More and more flight schools and instructors across the country are getting back to basics and using the “original trainers” a Cessna 150.

It’s the most economical choice, maybe not the most spacious but certainly the most cost effective.

I’m 6’4, a buddy of mine is 6’6 we travelled from Massachusetts (KEWB) to Ohio (KLCK) in a little 150. It had to be one of my favorite flights.

When thinking about saving money, think smaller, glass panel is nice, 180hp is fun, but for your private pilot license a Cessna 150 has all you’ll ever need.

To learn more about saving money on you flight training view my 10 ways to make your pilots license more affordable.

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