It is important as pilots and studying pilots that we avoid the “C” word. Complacency is something that simply doesn’t belong in the cockpit. You may not even realize it exists until you’re presented with a circumstance requiring that particular skill you haven’t performed since your training days.

Flying under the hood is something all pilots can benefit from. It doesn’t matter whether you are a private pilot or a flight instructor all pilots can use to sharpen their under the hood time.

Work on your scan

The two most popular scans are the “wagon wheel method” (top picture) and the “T Scan” (bottom picture)

The wagon wheel method works just like it sounds. Think of you attitude indicator as the central hub and you other instruments as the spokes. Each spoke leaves the hub to it’s destination and comes back to the hub. This is exactly what your eyes should be doing. Using the attitude indicator as your “artificial horizon” and cross checking by looking at your altimeter, then back to you AI, double check your heading then back to your AI. etc…

The T scan works in a different manner. Starting with your airspeed indicator you scan horizontally across checking your attitude indicator and altimeter. Then from your attitude indicator you scan downwards checking you heading indicator. With all of that information digested you can use your turn coordinator and vertical speed indicator as supporting instruments.

Work on your IFR scan why the weather is nice, you never know when you may need to use them.

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