I believe if you truly want to improve your landings you need to first master slow flight. In these two quick videos this week I’ll show you slow flight in both the clean and dirty (landing) configuration. Regarding slow flight the ACS says we’re to Establish and maintain an airspeed at which any further increase in angle of attack, increase in load factor, or reduction in power, would result in a stall warning (e.g., airplane buffet, stall horn, etc.). It goes on to say we need to Accomplish coordinated straight-and-level flight, turns, climbs, and descents with the airplane configured as specified by the evaluator without a stall warning (e.g., airplane buffet, stall horn, etc.).

So what does this “new” slow flight look like and should we now teach “old school” (PTS) and “new school” (ACS) slow flight? We’ll talk about that in this video.

Slow Flight Clean

Slow Flight Dirty (Landing)

Extra Homework? Slow Flight Down The Runway

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