VFR flight following is a wonderful service for pilots to use on their long solo cross country’s and trips even after you’ve obtained your private pilot certificate. However all that talking comes of as intimidating to most pilots. What if I say the wrong thing? or What if I don’t understand what they’re asking? This video below concurs those objections and shows you in detail just how to pick up VFR flight following.

What’s your experience with or opinion of VFR flight following? Leave me a comment below!

Text Transcript

Hey everyone. Jason Schappert of MzeroA dot com. This video on VFR flight following comes from an idea by an MzeroA fan Scott Coute in Vermont. All Scott did was shoot me an email saying, “Hey, Jason. I notice you really don’t have a video on VFR flight following. Could you make one?”

I said, “Scott, as long as I can use your first and last name and where you’re from, I’ll be more than happy to make a video about it.” Guys, if you have any video ideas… maybe something I haven’t talked about yet. Or something you’d like to see explained a bit better. All you have to do is shoot an email at Jason at MzeroA dot com. I’ll be more than happy to take some time and make a video for you guys.

That’s what I’m here for, to create better pilots. So, Scott, here’s your video on VFR flight following. I hope all of you guys enjoy.

Hey everyone. Jason Schappert here of MzeroA dot com and this week I want to show you guys a little bit about flight following. VFR flight following. That would be a great service to you guys even on your short cross country flights but most especially on your longer cross country flights. So what I’m gonna do is go ahead and let you guys listen to the pickup flight following.
Wait for a second, we can time that on the radios.

Jason: Good afternoon, Jax Approach! Cessna 512R.

Jax App: 512 Romeo you said?

Jason: Yes sir, Cessna 512 Romeo.Jax App: 512 Romeo go ahead.Jason: Afternoon sir. 512 Romeo, just off of Dunnellon X35. Passing through 2,000 for 3,500. I’d like VFR flight following up to Saint Augustine SGJ if you have a moment.

Jax App: N512 Romeo Squawk 0427

Jason: 0427 for 12 Romeo.

And now what I’m gonna do is wait for him to come back and say his magic words, “Radar contact” and he’ll give me the altimeter settings for the local area.
Jax App: N512 Romeo radar contact 5 southwest of Ocala.

Jason: 12 Romeo, roger, thank you.

Well, he didn’t give us an altimeter setting. Technically, they will but hey, they change everytime. I just wanted you guys to see a little bit about VFR flight following and what a great service it could be to you guys as a pilot.
So, go back and watch that transcription I gave a few more times to help you guys better understand radio communications in the approach system and pick up VFR flight following.

That’s all I have for you guys this week. I hope you enjoyed it. Hope you have a chance to swing by but most importantly, guys! Remember! A good pilot is always learning! Have a great great days guys, see ya!

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